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Childhaven Nursery - To celebrate their diamond anniversary I worked with the children to create a mural using textures and patterns from around the nursery.

Scarborough Hospital - These pieces were created to go in the main entrance and main corridor of the hospital.  The aim of the project was to involve both patients and staff in the process of creating work for the space.

St Augustines School - This piece is on the front wall of the school and comprises the thumbprints of every one in the school community.  

Egton School - I worked with all the primary children in this very small rural school to create work for the front garden of the school.






















Botton Village - The aim was to make a work that would welcome people to this rural community for people with learning disability.  I worked with various groups of residents to create different sections that would come together as one. At just over 5 meters long it is my largest installation to date.


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